In order to reach the high standards, cables are often crosslinked after the production, for example through e-beam crosslinking. However, the material can afterwards not be melted or recycled. In order to produce a re-usable, e-beam crosslinked cable compound a whole new process had to be developed.


The production of a cost efficient cable material which meets the high requirements on crosslinked materials while maintaining recyclable properties. 


In cooperation with the partner university the new process continuous electron induced reactive processing (Ceirp) was developed. In this process, the compound is crosslinked through e-beaming in the molten state, during compounding. Additionally, a new compound was developed in order to meet cable industry requirements.

Results and Benefits

Using this new process, the cable does no longer have to be crosslinked after extrusion. By eliminating this step the production process can be simplified and accelerated. Since the material is crosslinked in the molten state it can be re-used.

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