During production there is always a certain amount of scrap material. Due to the high requirements on the end product, this material was until now disposed of by the customer. However, since it is a high quality material the recycling of the material and waste reduction would bring a big savings potential.


The re-used material should not impact the properties of the finish product. The realization should be possible without big investments.


Lapp Engineering & Co. simulated and evaluated the recycling process in order to find out how scrap material could be easily re-integrated in the production process. The critical properties of the material were also measured and evaluated.

Results and Benefits

Technikum-Extruder_Pilot plant extruder

Lapp Engineering & Co. could quickly and clearly demonstrate to the customer how scrap material can be brought back in the production process, without compromizing the high quality of the end product. The recycling of high end material does not only make sense from an cost saving point of view, it also massively reduces the amount of waste. This way, valuable resources are saved, fully in line with a sustainable production.

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