Everywhere where the space is scarce, miniaturised cable geometries are needed. Thin wall insulations are sought-after for cable applications calling for extremely flexible solutions or for internal wiring. However, with standard extrusion methods it is not possible to produce cables with insulation thickness < 100 μm.


  • Insulation thickness ≤ 100 μm
  • Colour coding of wires
  • gute Abisolierbarkeit
  • Easy stripping of insulation
  • Continuous and stable production process


Together with project partners, Lapp Engineering & Co. developed the first laboratory equipment for continuous production of thin wall insulations.


Standard Cable

Dünnschichtisolationen für Kabelanwendungen

Thin Wall Cable

Results and Benefits

With the new and innovative production process a reduction in the insulation thickness could be achieved. This way, the cable cross section and the cable diameter are substantially reduced.

Naturally, the good electrical properties of the inner insulation are maintained while an optional outer insulation gives the necessary abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and weathering resistance etc.


The reduced insulation thickness brings the following advantages:

  • Space reduction, for example in internal wiring
  • Smaller bending radius for highly flexible applications
  • The possibility of miniaturised, highly flexible cable design
  • Realization of multi-functional double-layer insulations
  • Application of customised refinement layers
  • Weight reduction

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