I. Material Development

The objective of the material development is the composition of a recipe for a compound that meets your requirements. To develop a compound successfully, several iterations are required, so-called development-loops. One iteration includes:


Step Stage Description
Lasten-Pflichtenheft_Specification 1 Specification Together with you the requirements are defined. This provides the basis for the specification of material development.
Rezeptur_Recipe 2 Compound Recipe Based on the specification, several recipes are formulated, usually 5 to 10. In addition, suitable raw materials for the recipes are procured.
Herstellung Granulat_Fabrication of Granulated Material 3 Fabrication of Granulated Material For each recipe, a test compound (granulated material) is prepared on the laboratory compounding equipment.
Produktion Prüfkörper_Preparation of Specimens 4 Preparation of Specimens In our technical center between 10 and 100 specimens are prepared per test compound by means of injection molding, extrusion or compression molding.
Prüfung der Probekörper_Specimen Testing 5 Specimen Testing In our laboratory the specimens run through mechanical as well as further project-specific trials.
Analyse_Analysis 6 Analysis The test results are analyzed and compared with the specification.

After completing the first development loop, a development agreement will be finalized. The development loop is performed several times until all requirements of the specification are met.

In the entire «material development» stage, the services of Lapp Engineering AG are generally free of charge for you.